Why you should grow and keep big muscles

Life isn’t just about how long we live; it’s about how well we live it. We often hear about increasing our lifespan, but is a longer life worth it if we can’t move and become dependent on others? What’s equally, or even more important, is enhancing our healthspan—the period during which we enjoy a good quality of life. From what I’ve observed when talking to older people, they care more about “improving the quality of their life” than “living a longer life”

On Time, Money and Health

What would you do of your $1+ million dollar sitting in your bank account or index funds in your dying bed?

There is something wrong with all those financial gurus out there. They only focus on accumulating wealth, instead of what truly matters: happiness. People drinking the kool-aids sometimes end up with situations so absurd, and start being so frugal they also forget in order to retire early. At the other end of the spectrum, we have some entrepreneurs or employees working 12+ hours/day simply for chasing the next million. And this at the sacrifice of simply living and enjoying life.

An average person has a lifespan of 72 years. It might sound quite long, but in practise, how much of the 72 years can we truly use? I’ll touch in this post about the 3 principles that, I believe, are keys to put into perspective to make the most of our life: Money, Free Time and Health. All 3 increase or decline the more we age. Most of us focus (too much / or only) on the money aspect. This is why we spend all our days working. Health and Free time are too often the forgotten ones. We assume money we accumulate during our young age will contribute to some sort of fulfillment when we will have plenty of free time when we will retire. Our society is actually designed around that timeline. But is it how we should live our life? What if once you retire, you don’t have the necessary health to travel? What if you have an incident tomorrow?


In my 30’s. Lived in Europe, US, and now somwehere in Asia. I usually work in startup and my own projects. Coming from a modest family, I feel really lucky to now do well financially, while keeping a good work life balance.

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